Who we are

Radmod is an auto parts distributor that services dealers, mechanical garages and body shops. We specialize in cooling system, A/C and fuel delivery parts distribution. We are currently located in a prime area of the industrial park in Lachine, close to several major highways, making our delivery system highly efficient. Radmod initially started off as a radiator shop in 1977. Since then, we have kept our customer base and grown in to a local parts distributor in the greater Montreal area.

With over 40 years of radiator repair and parts experience, we are an established business in the aftermarket industry providing quality service, knowledge and parts. We have continuously extended our product line to give our customers better coverage on automotive and heavy duty parts. With a wider range and variety of products, we are able to service all of the customer's needs and simplify their ordering process by becoming a one stop shop.


1977 – The beginning
In September 1977, Krikor and Ara Koolian rented a small warehouse space in Verdun to start a repair shop called Radiateur Moderne.

1981 – Expanding the family business
Krikor’s two sons Vasken and Harma join the team. Radiator Moderne adds two new lines (Gas Tanks & Oil Pans), continuing their push for market share in the automotive aftermarket industry.

1987 – Developing more products
The automotive air conditioning line was introduced by adding condensers. The air conditioning line will become an important group of products for the growth of the company.

1991 – Growing at a rapid pace
Radiateur Moderne expands their warehouse space along with their product lines by introducing new complete aftermarket radiators along with adding truck radiator and air coolers.

2009 – New focus
In 2009, the focus shifted exclusively to new aftermarket replacement parts for the cooling system for cars and trucks. In that same year, Radmod Inc. Was formed, replacing Radiateur Moderne and exited the retail market.

Present – How about today?
Radmod Inc. is currently very active in the industry of distributing new aftermarket cooling system parts for cars and trucks.