Damaged Product:
The product in question has been damaged during the shipping process. It may have been mishandled from the courier or during delivery. It can also be received damaged in the box straight from the manufacturer. Give us a call and we can quickly sort this out!

Defective Product:
Unfortunately not all products are perfect! The defective issues vary from product to product. A few quick examples of defective parts can be as followed: A radiator leaking from the corner, a compressor leaking from the core or a fuel moudle not giving out aenoug pressure. In the case of a manufacturer's defect with the product, please contact us right away in order to get a replacement and a refund on your original purchase. Please be carfeul as problems arising due to inproper installation are very prominent. If you have any questions regarding installation, do no hesistate to contatct us and see if we can guide in the proper direction to avoid issues stemming from incorrect installation practices.

Incorrect Product:
If you happen to receive a product with the incorrect part inside the box, please do not hesitate to call us up in order to solve the problem right away.

Technical Issues:
When encountering problems installing a particular part, because the product is mal manufactured or is missing a piece, contact our customer service in order to see where the issue lies. At times it can be a small complication such as missing fittings. In cases such as these, we would be happy to send you what you need so you can complete the installation. There are nujmerous situations that can arrise, whether the car has aftermarket systems installed or perhaps the actual product is the incorrect size. Whatever the case, let's work together to get you the part you need to get the job done!

New Returns:
New returns entail when a product is perfectly fine, but you no longer need it. This may occur when a customer never shows up, the job is cancelled, a part was misordered, etc.

Steps to Return Product

To return a product back to Radmod, simply pick up the phone and get in touch with us. We will promptly fill out a return form with all the information given to us. The part in question will go through an inspection process in order to determine if it was indeed a manufacturer's defect and not an issue due to improper installation. New returns will go through the same process in order to make sure they can be put back in stock and resold. Once this process is finshed you will receive a full credit.

The warranty on Auto-Kool website is up to date. Do not included the new return policy located in the terms sections as it does not apply to Radmod